Job Description


Ruedi Water and Power Authority Director
February 19, 2018
1. Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities:
A. Board Management: Schedule quarterly Board meetings and special Board meetings as necessary. Prepare and distribute agendas, packet material, financial reports and other supporting materials for meetings. Represent the Board as directed with local, regional and statewide organizations. Communicate with Board members between meetings to keep them apprised of relevant information and issues. Ask for direction as necessary between meetings for items of a time-sensitive nature. Brief new Board members on RWAPA activities, programs and projects. Work with the Board to prepare and establish policies and priorities and to carry out annual work plans.

B. Organizational Administration: Manage all accounts including billings, payables, bank statement review, taxes, audits as necessary, and other financial matters. Bill for services as necessary. Write grant proposals. Maintain organizational files and records. Prepare annual reports on RWAPA activities for member governments and special reports as necessary and requested. Work with Board President to provide appropriate oversight on billing and bank account.

C. Liaison: Establish and maintain working relationships with the following entities and others as required: US Forest Service, US Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado Water Conservation Board, State Division of Water Resources, Colorado River Water Conservation District, Pitkin County Healthy Rivers and Streams, Roaring Fork Conservancy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife, Local Water and Sanitation Districts, Colorado River Basin Water Roundtable, Eagle River Watershed Council, Middle Colorado Watershed Council, Northwest Colorado Council of Governments. Work with the above entities, plus local government members of RWAPA to implement RWAPA projects, plans, and programs.

D. Program Administration: Supervise and manage the Aquatic Nuisance Species Boat Inspection program at Ruedi Reservoir. Assure that staff and funding is in place for a full-time program between the dates of May 1 and October 15. Provide logistical support, equipment, and interagency coordination as needed. Oversee and guide projects aimed at implementation of the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan, the Regional Water Efficiency Plan and related activities. Seek out opportunities to assist and support member jurisdictions in meeting their water management goals.

E. Education and Communication: Lead tours of Ruedi and related facilities when appropriate. Respond to requests for participation in workshops, assemblies or other events/activities aimed at furthering water education and activism and participate in those events/activities as a representative of RWAPA. Write letters, editorials, articles, etc. when and where appropriate. Work with the Roaring Fork Conservancy, the Colorado River District, and others to improve understanding and stewardship of the Roaring Fork watershed. Lead/organize educational programs at the direction of the Board. Manage and communicate through RWAPA website, Facebook page and other social media as necessary.

2. Skills and attributes:
A. Working knowledge of the following: Colorado water law; federal, state and local water management agencies and their respective responsibilities, programs and policies; general principles of hydrology, fish biology and climate science; history of water management and development in the western U.S.; invasive species and endangered species issues; hydropower concepts and impacts; general public policy processes and procedures; budgeting and financial recordkeeping; and principles of public management and Board leadership.

B. Excellent communications skills including reading comprehension, writing, public speaking, social media communications, visual presentations, financial spreadsheets, and website/social media management.

C. Organizational and interpersonal skills to support development and management of volunteer activities, and partnerships with RWAPA members and other local and regional entities. Ability to schedule, plan and manage meetings, events and public presentations.

D. Familiarity with the Roaring Fork Valley including local geography and political jurisdictions; understanding of general economic, demographic and environmental conditions; familiarity with local organizations with an interest in water quality and quantity.

E. Initiative, vision and energy applicable to improvement of RWAPA’s organizational capacity, development of secure and reliable funding, development of new and valuable projects and activities, increased communication with colleagues and the public, and continued and expanded participation in regional planning and policymaking. Must be self-starting and self-directing because supervision by the RWAPA Board may be minimal and communications between staff and Board may be irregular.

3. Other Job Aspects:
A. Independent Contractor: The Director will be engaged as an independent contractor with responsibility for his/her own taxes, insurance, leave, billings, and other aspects of employment.

B. Office Space and Equipment: The Director will provide his/her own working space and office infrastructure such as computers, vehicles, furnishings and other equipment, in the context of an independent employment contract as described above.

C. Staffing: RWAPA has a relationship with a Denver law firm that reviews contracts and other legal documents on a request basis. Relationships, agreements or contracts with temporary staff, consultants, or contractors will be the recommended by the Director and approved by the Board.

4. Pay/compensation:
The Director will be paid on an hourly basis depending on qualifications and experience, plus mileage and other allowable expenses.