Aug 242014

RWAPA has been working with the Roaring Fork Conservancy and the Colorado River Water Conservation District on the Ruedi Futures Studies. The impetus for these studies is a tentative proposal to use Ruedi water as an element of the Homestake II project. Homestake II would deliver several thousand acre-feet of western slope water to the cities of Aurora and Colorado Springs. This prospect prompted local water interests to investigate Ruedi’s capacity for adequately satisfying the various demands on Ruedi water. The first phase of the study, completed in 2002, was a survey of the economic value of Ruedi and the Fryingpan River. The second phase of the study was a fisheries habitat study which was completed in 2003. This study examined the relationships between flow fluctuations in the Fryingpan River, habitat conditions and fish populations. This was followed, in turn, by a macroinvertebrate study investigating the response of critical food sources to low winter flows. These studies were carried out by the Roaring Fork Conservancy and can be found at

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