Aug 252014

The Roaring Fork Watershed Plan is a multi-year, multi-agency project aimed at providing long-term water management guidance for the entire watershed. The Ruedi Water and Power Authority is the official sponsor of the Plan and RWAPA staff is guiding the planning process. This effort began with the Roaring Fork Watershed Collaborative, an ad-hoc group of local government planners and interested citizens. Discussions among members of the Collaborative in 2005-6 revealed that concerns about water quality and quantity were common throughout the valley and warranted a more focused study. The Watershed Plan consists of the State of the Watershed Report, which was completed in 2008, and the Watershed Plan, which is currently underway. The Plan will be developed through a series of public meetings to be held in the second half of 2009. It is anticipated that Plan recommendations will be presented to local governments and water managers in late 2009 and early 2010. The Roaring Fork Conservancy is the primary contractor for planning work and further information on the Plan can be found on the Conservancy’s website,\

The Regional Water Efficiency Plan:  The Regional Efficiency Plan was undertaken as an implementation action of the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan, which called for increased conservation of local water resources.  Funded by local contributions and a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, the Plan brought together the five municipal water supply agencies in the Valley (Aspen, Snowmass Water and Sanitation District, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs) to plan for efficient use of local domestic and municipal water supplies in a coordinated and comprehensive process. The result was updated water conservation and efficiency plans customized for each entity and a Regional Plan that outlined steps to be taken on a valley-wide basis to improve water management. RWAPA has followed up on the Plan’s recommendations by convening a series of meetings so that local water agencies can learn from each other  as they move forward wit implementation of their individual plans.

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